The long-haul


Travelling to Europe is like being in a time warp for two days. Total travel time from Auckland to Malta = 30 hours. Hard to comprehend how the trip used to be made by ship!

Economy air travel generally seems to pass very slowly, but it does provide ample time to observe fellow travelers and their sometimes unusual idiosyncrasies. We were lucky enough to have an exit row seat from Auckland to Dubai with the extra leg room, although the area is often invaded by those passengers who obey the warnings to get up and stretch themselves out.

The larger lady across the aisle had a tough flight. She could manage only 45 minute spells wedged into her seat before the tight fit resulted in her losing feeling in her legs. The remedy was standing in the space in front of us facing the far wall and doing stationary stepping exercises. Every 45 minutes for 14 hours. Also enjoyed the gentleman from Afghanistan sitting next to us who requested red wine with his breakfast.

They say you have to see Dubai to believe it. Very true. Just the airport beggars belief with its sheer size.