There are two bridges which cross from England into South Wales, with quite possibly the world’s highest toll. NZ $12 for a car and $37 for a truck. Maybe they spent too much painting the cool spans through the middle in baby blue. We passed through much of South Wales without stopping, conscious of having been held up with the attempted windscreen repair and the distance we needed to cover.

Our lodgings for the night was a great B&B (our first) in the middle of nowhere, near Freshwater East in South Wales. After getting settled in we drove to the one inn nearby, which was another perfect dinner spot looking out to the water. Very quiet, just a few locals, and a great steak and ale pastie (served of course with peas!)

We backtracked a little the next day, so that we could see the cool wee town of Tenby. With an awesome beach and streets lined with good shops and colorful houses, we really enjoyed it here. It was the first time we felt like it could be summer, though the water was an ice bath vs the spa of the Med!


20120721-191243.jpg Chilly waters of Tenby beach


The roads in Wales off the A-highways are somewhat comical. Largely one way, it means lodging yourself into the side of the grass bank or reversing a few miles when you come across oncoming traffic. The high bordering sides also impede vision of both other vehicles and the view out to surrounding land and sea unfortunately.

20120721-192107.jpg They get way squishier than this

We went off the beaten track down such a road to see a more remote spot, Marloes Sands. Isolated, vast and unique, it is one of two Wales beaches popular with movie makers. It certainly leant itself to some awesome photographic potential, and after the hike down to it we enjoyed some lunch taking it all in. I loved it.

20120721-194035.jpgMarloes Sands – photos don’t do it justice



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