Farewell to Malta


We have departed Malta and are now on our way to London sipping our final Kinnies.

Before we left, Marisa and her sister Marianne took us out for a great dinner by the marina in Ta’ Xbiex. Marisa brought some really old photos that Grandfather had sent to his sisters over the years. There was Grandfather in his military uniform aged 19 and photos of Dad and Lorraine as babies, plus photos from Charles and Emily’s last trip to Malta. Also a good one of Grandfather taking a call from his sisters on his 70th birthday, which bought back memories of that night 21 years ago.

Marisa has been so good to us during our stay and we are hopeful that she will one day make the journey to NZ so that we can reciprocate.


Yesterday we had a coffee with Doreen Mangion who has also been very good to us. It was a shame that we didn’t get a chance to see Mary and some of the other Mangions, but they are all quite busy with a wedding next week and Mary’s birthday today.

The Maltese are now officially calling the last two weeks a heat wave, though the temperature yesterday had dropped by three or four degrees, which was far more pleasant. Heading to 14 in the UK will be a bit of a shock.

It was only right that we returned to our St Julian’s restaurant Gululus for our last night in Malta. Em had the traditional rabbit pie and my pasta was the best pasta yet. Traditional date fritters and ice cream turned out to be incredibly good.


My highlights from Malta = diving in Gozo with Mike the Maltese, seeing the family, eating lamb Ftira and drinking lots of Cisk.

Em’s highlights = swimming in the Med, finding great Maltese food and the first time we saw Valletta at twilight (awwww).

We definitely think St Julian’s was the best place to stay – it had the best feel about it as an area, plenty of great restaurants and easy access to anywhere you’d want to go.

2 thoughts on “Farewell to Malta

  1. what a great time you have had really enjoyed hearing what you were up to
    The olds will be very interested in the Mamo Tower!
    The big major disappointment – no Ronnie!! what a shame

  2. It looks like you are making amazing memories guys! I’m so glad that you enjoyed Malta – you are both looking really happy and relaxed. I can’t wait to hear how you are getting on in the UK. Love to you both xxx

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